LOCKPORT – A prisoner in handcuffs tried to escape from police, but he didn’t get far.

An urgent call was sent out at about 2:43 p.m. today when a prisoner, identified as Tarale T. Haugabook, of Niagara Falls escaped from the Niagara County Courthouse.

Haugabook had been in the courtroom of State Supreme Court Justice Richard C. Kloch Sr. to answer charges on unrelated felonies and after pleading guilty his hands were put behind his back, he was handcuffed and he was placed into custody.

Haugabook was able to run out the unlocked front door adjacent to the first floor courtroom and began running along Ontario Street with his hands still cuffed behind his back.

Haugabook was taken into custody on Ontario Street a few minutes later.

Haugabook appeared in court to be sentenced for violating his probation on an attempted robbery charge from December 2010 when he and another man robbed a victim at gunpoint in Niagara Falls, and was also pleading guilty on an unrelated third-degree burglary charge. He was remanded without bail in both cases and he faces mandatory state prison time as a second felony offender.

He later was taken into custody by the Lockport Police Department.