Every kid would like to at least sit at the wheel of a giant earth mover, fire truck, or some hefty off-road vehicle. Kids of all ages will have that opportunity during the Ninth Annual Big Toys, Trucks and Bikes Event on June 30 at the Penn Dixie Site in Hamburg.

Each year, Jerry Bastedo arranges to have on site an array of big toys that area businesses and agencies donate for public exhibit. For next Sunday’s gathering, Bastedo sees to it that visitors can get behind the wheels of their favorite toy and have their picture taken at the controls of everything from a “Hog” Harley-Davidson motorcycle to race cars, to big-rig road and construction vehicles.

This and other events are on from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. at Penn Dixie on Bristol Road, off Big Tree Road. Along with viewing and riding the big toys, the site is famous for its abundance of fossil formations. With just a basic chisel, hammer and pail, kids can chip away all kinds of creatures that have been molded into rock formations eons earlier. Be sure to bring footwear and gear for fossil finding that day.

The site is also well known for its astronomy programs at which visitors can view all kinds of celestial formations on cloudless evenings. The staff also provides special telescopes that allow viewers to safely look at sun spots during the day. These lenses will be set up during the event.

Rain or shine, this fundraiser will offer toy raffles and a drawing at 3 p.m. Among the prizes will be two chances for a $200 gas card.

Donations, admission to this and other events and raffle drawings help fund the many programs the site provides for youths and adults; programs mainly focus on paleontological and outdoors learning opportunities at the Penn Dixie Site. For example, the “Astronomy Night at Penn Dixie” held on the evening of July 6, offers viewers a chance to see and identify planets and constellations with the use of gear and information expert assistants offer.

For more details on the Big Toys event, advance-sale raffle tickets, directions to the site and other information about Penn Dixie, call 627-4560 or go to