Howard acted correctly in not enforcing SAFE Act

Sheriff Timothy Howard has received criticism in The News for not enforcing the unconstitutional provisions of the SAFE Act, New York’s gun control law. He should be commended for his stance to protect the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

If public officials had the courage to oppose laws that violated constitutional and civil rights, Japanese-Americans may not have been placed in concentration camps at the start of World War II. Jim Crow laws may never have existed. If generals had summoned the courage to disobey orders, Native Americans would not have been massacred at Sand Creek or Wounded Knee. Not all laws or orders are good.

The SAFE Act is a prime example of a poorly written law that was done in haste. We are supposed to be governed by representatives who listen to the will of the people. The SAFE Act was signed into law with absolutely no chance for the citizens of New York to have any input. Incredibly, the law did not even consider the requirements or needs of law enforcement officers. This is a prime example of how executive power can be abused as Gov. Andrew Cuomo rushed it through with his “message of necessity.”

Many New York state sheriffs have stated opposition to the law and most upstate counties have passed resolutions asking state legislators to repeal it. This is the voice of the people. It should be honored. The SAFE Act is a bad law that will do nothing to reduce gun violence. It should be repealed now.

John Anthon