Jack the Giant Killer, who was in the audience, raised his hand. “Yes,” said the moderator.

“I’ve been waiting for 20 minutes. What’s going on? Why am I here?”

The others in the audience, including Jack B. Nimble, Jack without Jill, Jack Sprat, and a number of other Jacks, raised their objections to waiting, too.

The moderator raised his hands for silence. “Please, gentlemen, the purpose of this convening of Jacks is simply to gather some biographical information. As you know – perhaps some of you don’t – the FTC (Fairy Tale Committee) is compiling an FTC (Fairy Tale Compendium) as a resource and –”

“What for?” said Little Jack Horner.

The moderator smiled. “I’m afraid that’s confidential. Shall we go on?”

“No!” cried Jack the Giant Killer. “Mother Goose didn’t rear me to just sit back and take whatever comes at me!”

The others also began calling out, while the moderator tried to restore order. Meanwhile, one Jack said to the Jack beside him, “I didn’t know Jack the Giant Killer was reared by Mother Goose.”

A couple of other Jacks raised some questions.

Remember: rear means bring up a child; raise means to lift up or bring up


1) Randolph tried to (rear/raise) the chair, but it was too heavy for him.

2) The people who lived next door to the fire department tried to (rear/raise) their kids as if it were normal for sirens to go off in the middle of the night.


1) raise

2) rear