Buffalo performer and artist Pat Kewley is a collector of unintentionally funny bits and pieces of American culture.

For his popular “Celebrity Autobiography” series, held last summer in Rohall’s Corner in Black Rock, he amassed a collection of celebrity memoirs and enlisted local performers to read particularly absurd sections. Kewley’s impulse to collect also extends to cinema. Kewley will present the third version of “Trailer Trash,” a collection of campy, cheesy and otherwise ridiculous film trailers, at 8 p.m. Tuesday in Squeaky Wheel (712 Main St.). The screening, he writes, will boast the “weirdest and wildest movie trailers from the golden age of exploitation movies – a time when film prints were scratchier, collars were wider and trailers were king.”

The films cover “everything from blaxsploitation to women in prison, from acid-eating bikers to murderous nuns, and from aliens to ninjas to zombie-ninjas.”

The screening is part of a week of activities sponsored by Sugar City, the itinerant art organization that has been hosting events around the city since it left its Allentown home last year. The week also includes its periodic Soul Night at 10 tonight in Milkie’s (522 Elmwood Ave.) as well as a record-swap, comedy night and “Mystery Tour” that begins at 20 Auburn Ave. at 7 p.m. Wednesday.

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– Colin Dabkowski