Just Buffalo’s Babel is a program that brings incredible opportunities not only to students but to people of all ages across Western New York. The award-winning lecture series brings some of the world’s most fantastic writers – and most cultured people – to the region, where they typically speak to an audience at Kleinhans Music Hall in what is a fairly intimate setting.

The intimacy of this setting, though, pales in comparison to that with which some of these writers have interacted with students at City Honors. Over the course of the last few years, it has been a distinct pleasure and privilege for students at City Honors to play host to some of these worldly writers in our school building.

In light of the special appreciation Just Buffalo Literary Center and Babel have displayed for the City Honors community, students and faculty participated in a dedication ceremony last month in which we attempted to reciprocate. In the school’s library, a shelf has been dedicated in the name of the Babel series and the people who make it possible.

In addition to the symbolic gesture of gratitude, the new bookshelf will serve another purpose. City Honors students will now find it easier than ever to access the books that are chosen as part of the Babel series.

The partnership with Just Buffalo and Babel is a partnership that City Honors values deeply and hopes to keep for many years to come. I encourage the rest of the Western New York community, young and old the same, to engage in the lecture series at every opportunity available.

Joseph Nathanson is a junior at City Honors.