Looking for something to do this summer instead of summer camp? What about something that’s free and gives back to the community? In Good Company Productions, a family run nonprofit organization in the City of Tonawanda, might just be the thing for you.

Anyone can get involved with this community theater group. Kids as young as 2 and adults in their 60s have performed in In Good Company’s musicals, which are presented at the David Miller Bandshell in the City of Tonawanda.

The ultimate goal of the company is to help kids gain confidence through theater.

Melissa Durfey, director and president of the board of directors, said she and her siblings were involved with theater while growing up, but lost interest in their teens.

“Then once we all had kids we decided to start up a new community theater group because we wanted our kids to have the same experience we did growing up,” Durfey said. “When we did our very first musical, we had 35 people in the show. Then the next year we had more than 100 people audition because everyone came back and brought their friends and family. One of the things that makes our company special is that it is free and everyone that auditions gets a part in the show.”

Parents and children alike spend their summers with In Good Company Productions.

“In Good Company is great because I get to see my friends that I don’t usually see all year except during the summer,” says Grace Firzak, a sixth-grader at Edward Town Middle School. “I would recommend it to everyone because it’s a great way to make friends, gain confidence, and it gives you something productive to do over summer.”

“The Disney endorsement is huge for us,” said volunteer Deborah Wanecski. “A lot of kids have gone on to study theater in college or at least to enjoy it for the rest of their lives after they did In Good Company. This money is really going to help us change even more lives.”

This summer, In Good Company Productions will be performing “Back to the ’80s.”

Shannon Stienmiller, a parent of a child in In Good Company, said, “My son has learned confidence, family values and how to work with others while having fun!”

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Olivia Tober is a freshman at Niagara Wheatfield Senior High School.