Women’s Equality Agenda simply revises outdated law

I was surprised to see that the Another Voice by professor Philip Reed was riddled with such mischaracterizations of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Women’s Equality Agenda.

The agenda promotes pay equity, addresses discrimination against pregnant women and mothers on the job, provides greater protections for domestic violence survivors and victims of human trafficking, and updates New York’s abortion law.

Contrary to Reed’s proclamations about Cuomo’s intentions, the governor has stated on numerous occasions that the agenda will simply align New York law with the federal protections of Roe v. Wade and current state practice. Alignment is necessary because our law is outdated. In the rare and tragic circumstance a woman’s health is endangered later in pregnancy, her doctors need to know that they can provide the care she needs to preserve her health, just as they can provide the care she needs to save her life.

Opponents of the agenda seek to eliminate safe, legal abortion and, thus, a woman’s ability to make her own personal, private health care decisions, especially when her health is endangered later in pregnancy. Those who oppose the Women’s Equality Agenda and its reproductive health provision oppose equality for women.

Gretchen Gonzalez