Welcome, veterans! It would have been nice to have you here for the National Veterans Golden Age Games under any circumstances, but it is especially sweet in light of the near-cancellation of the games only a few weeks ago. In that regard, just getting here was your first victory in these games. Ours, too.

Buffalo is playing host to more than 750 older military veterans this weekend. They are at least 55 years old and receiving care from a VA medical facility. It’s not just about competition, though that is part of the mix. The games provide companionship and a social outlet to veterans who may otherwise isolate themselves.

It’s a tremendous event for Americans who could hardly be more deserving. Buffalo, we know, is honored.

Perhaps this is the 21st century version of checking for dimes in the change compartment of a pay phone, a habit of many former 10-year-olds. For Tyler Schaefer of Rapid City, S.D., the aha moment was when he checked the dresser drawers of a hotel room in Kansas City, Mo. No coins there, just $10,000 in neatly stacked bills.

That would buy a lot of comic books, but that prospect evidently didn’t interest Tyler and his father, Cody. They turned the stash over to the police.

To those who are discouraged with humanity: Keep faith.

Get ready to see some eye-popping numbers in your grocery basket. Not the price tags, but calorie counts on supermarket-made foods such as rotisserie chicken and sandwiches.

Congress voted to require calorie counts on those foods and most restaurant chain menus three years ago, but the feds still haven’t written the specific rules to carry out the law.

An advocacy group for grocers argues that it would cost about $1 billion in the first year alone, so they want an exemption.

Good luck with that, as America becomes more and more health conscious.