BATAVIA – Genesee ARC hopes to be providing garbage pickup service to nearly half the city’s property owners when a new system for trash and recyclables takes effect Monday.

Donna Saskowski, ARC’s executive director, said late Thursday about 2,000 households had signed up, with more expected on the final two days to take orders. The city has 4,400 households.

Saskowski said the number of customers will offset expenses for ARC. It has about 20 workers, most with handicaps.

According to Saskowski, at least two other services – Gardner Disposal and Trash Away – are successfully soliciting customers to replace a service the city had provided through property taxes for at least three decades.

ARC lost out on the new bidding process to provide the only service in the city, spurring an initial surge of four other companies.

The change has been publicized for months, but officials fear some residents are still unaware of it..

Most of the services charge about the same, $22 a month. That erases the savings from a reduced property tax, which the city passed when it dropped the collection service.