Struttin’ down the Chip Strip sporting silver-spiked heels, my girlfriends and I made our way to a newly reopened club near Delaware Avenue and West Chippewa Street downtown.

Privato, meaning, “private” in Italiano, lives up to its name by providing an energetic environment, while still giving privacy to customers desiring a little space.

Walking in, my girlfriends and I were wowed by the cool blue lighting and fresh dance music bumpin’ through the speakers.

Despite having a smaller interior, Privato was surprisingly spacious. A couple of black cushy leather couches are against the front of the club, with three large booths on the side of the bar available for VIP reservations.

We were instantly greeted by a friendly bartender. Privato doesn’t serve draft beer, but its bottled beers are reasonably priced. Bud Light, Coors Light, Blue Light and other domestics are $4.50 and Corona is $5.

Mixed drinks run from $4.50 to $6; specialty drinks are $7. The martini list will make your taste buds tingle with delight, featuring such cocktails as the Tequila-tini, Purple Haze and the Privato Royale, all made with top-shelf liquor.

Other popular drinks served at the marble-top bar are made with Bailey’s, Goldschläger, Crown Royal, Southern Comfort and Grey Goose, just to name a few.

Privato also offers a wide variety of wine for $7 a glass, including moscato, pinot grigio and merlot.

I ordered a Ciroc and Red Bull. Cassey, Ashley, Margaret and Kim ordered a Gummy Vodka and water, Bud Light, Grey Goose and club soda, and a peach cosmopolitan respectively.

My friends and I sipped on our drinks and took in the buzzing atmosphere. We noticed other groups of girls and guys pouring in. The club was getting busier by the minute and it was proving to be a very lively Saturday night.

Soon enough, we were ready to hit the dance floor and couldn’t think of a better track to start with than “Wobble.” DJ Lo Pro, the resident DJ, played our request right away and got the party started.

Other patrons followed in our footsteps to join in the dance. Some already knew the steps, while others picked it up as the song played. The girls wore flashy dresses and skirts, while many gentlemen chose blazers and button-ups.

Once the “Wobble” finished, we needed to cool off, so we sat back down at the bar for another round of cocktails. The bar top was now lit up even more and had colorful lights changing constantly. My friends and I caught up on each other’s week and continued to be enthralled with the music and people around us.

After our refresher, Cassey and I thought Privato and its patrons could use a little more Rihanna mixed in with the playlist. Within minutes, DJ Lo Pro played our request and we made our way back to the dance floor to prove we were “Fresh Off The Runway.”

Privato is always 21 and up and only charges a cover, which won’t exceed $5, for special events.

My friends and I had a fabulous girls’ night out, dancing, laughing and experiencing a new club. The only downside to the night included a painful walk back to the car because we had literally danced until we couldn’t walk anymore.

Privato is definitely the place to be on the weekends. Whether you’re going to dress up with your girls, or suit up with your boys, you are guaranteed to have a ball all night long.