Muhummad Alazim, 50, faces a prison term on his guilty plea to his latest domestic violence assault against his estranged wife, court and prosecution officials said Thursday.

During proceedings before State Supreme Court Justice Deborah A. Haendiges, Alazim pleaded guilty to first-degree criminal contempt for a Feb. 4, 2012, beating of his estranged wife with a pool cue in her French Street home.

Prosecutors Rachel Newton and Danielle Soluri said they will urge Erie County District Attorney Frank A. Sedita III to recommend that the judge impose the maximum four-year prison term on Alazim when he is returned to court for sentencing Aug. 14.

Calling Alazim “no stranger to the criminal-justice system,” Sedita said Alazim “has 11 prior criminal convictions, including violent felony convictions for both first-degree attempted robbery and attempted assault.”

At the time of the 2012 assault, Alazim’s wife had another order of protection in force against him, which he ignored in breaking into her house, showing he has a demonstrated history of ignoring and violating court orders of protection,” Sedita said.

Sedita praised both trial prosecutors and what he called “the quick response of the Buffalo Police Department” during the February 2012 incident. “That likely prevented further tragedy from occurring,” he said.