NIAGARA FALLS – A 17-year-old girl who was reported missing Wednesday was found by police at about 9 a.m. today on 19th and Falls streets.

The girl, who was walking to a friend’s house, told police she had run away from home.

“She’s fine. She’s been with friends. We verified her safety and wellness,” said Detective Shawn Bosi, who found the girl walking on the city streets. “She said she just didn’t want to be at home.”

Bosi said the girl has run away in the past. He said that, at age 17, she doesn’t have to be returned home and her family was notified that she was fine.

The girl’s family reported her missing Monday after they were unable to contact her for two days and were concerned about where she had been. The girl had been walking the family dog prior to being reported missing and the dog returned, but she did not, according to police. The media was notified Wednesday and the girl was listed her in the national data base of missing persons.