Justice is unequal in fatal DWI cases

First, I must start off by stating I do not condone drinking and driving in any fashion. It’s wrong – period. I am, however, perplexed and feeling again that justice does not always get served.

Danielle N. Kellogg deserved punishment and I have no problem with Erie County Judge Michael D’Amico giving the maximum sentence. This woman admitted her mistake and pleaded guilty. She did not hire fancy, high-priced lawyers and fight the charges. She did not flee the scene and commit a hit-and-run. And quite obviously she does not have M.D. after her name. If she had, would she have to serve 15 years or the greater part of that sentence, or would she spend about eight months in the county jail?

Justice should be fair and equal under the law, with little variance relating to one’s stature in the community or socioeconomic grouping, as well as the obvious things like gender and race. I doubt that the parents of the teenage skateboarder feel any less grief than the poor parents and family who just lost their 7-month-old infant.

Edward Wells