Comparing Howard to Parks is ludicrous

In regard to a May 23 letter, did the writer actually compare Sheriff Timothy Howard’s refusal to obey his sworn duty to enforce the law to the courage shown by Rosa Parks in her fight against racial discrimination in the deep South? Am I the only one whose jaw dropped after reading this?

Unlike Howard, whose self-serving stance on the issue of state gun control laws is assumed to be part of an attempt to revive his floundering re-election campaign, Parks stood up for her convictions and paid a price. As a result of her act of civil disobedience, she was arrested, jailed, tried and convicted of disorderly conduct, thus beginning a process that resulted in the law that she thought was unconstitutional being overturned.

If Howard really had the courage and strength of character displayed by Parks, he would first do the job he’s being paid to do, and then he could intentionally violate the law that he feels is unconstitutional, taking his punishment like a man. Doing so would give him the legal right to challenge the law in federal court. As it is, he seems content to stay behind his comfortable desk and tell us that, when it comes to keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill, we’re on our own.

Patrick Henry

Orchard Park