As one half of the sibling duo the Fiery Furnaces, Eleanor Friedberger is known primarily as the singer of brother Matt’s songs. The band’s, er, fiery indie-rock always boasted aspects of what music geeks like me enjoy referring to as “AM gold,” a reference to the era of 70s AM radio when pop songs were not required to be absolutely awful in order to become massive smash hits. (See everyone from Carol King to Ambrosia, or if you prefer, Harry Nilsson to the Carpenters.)

This meant, in the Fiery Furnaces case, lots of loveable choruses, good chords, some harmonies, and the like. Of course, the Furnaces also tended to follow whatever whim they felt like following at the time, which meant that, as often as the group indulged in its “AM gold” tendencies, it just as often fostered a willful experimentalism that ensured the group would A) never become a massive commercial concern, and B) never lose its credibility as a genuine positive force in the indie-rock community.

Not that she’s out on her own, for the time being at least, Eleanor Friedberger seems to be completely comfortable channeling her inner Carol King. Which is not to suggest that she is simply reiterating King’s penchant for ebullient, soulful pop music – Friedberger definitely follows her own muse, and if there are aspects of King apparent on her albums “Last Summer” (2011) and “Personal Record” (out this week) so too do the specters of Spector, (Phil, that is) Todd Rundgren and certainly the aforementioned Nilsson stick their heads above the parapet on occasion.

The result is some beautifully orchestrated and lovingly arranged pop music with an indie bent.

Friedberger will celebrate the release of “Personal Record” with a show at the Ninth Ward, Babeville, 341 Delaware Ave., on Tuesday at 8 p.m. Brooklyn band Teen will open.

Remaining tickets are priced $12 advance, $15 day-of-show, and can be found at the Babeville box office, Rust Belt Books, or through

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