DUNKIRK – Structural engineering reports on the three fire stations in the city are due in the Mayor’s Office on Tuesday.

Fire Chief Keith D. Ahlstrom reported that he took representatives from 17 engineering firms through the three buildings May 14. He gave the information to members of the city’s Public Safety Committee at a meeting Tuesday afternoon.

The chief discussed various issues regarding the three buildings at previous meetings and said he decided that professional reports would help City Council members decide whether to keep all three fire stations or consolidate them.

The oldest of the three fire stations is the headquarters building on Eagle Street. The city’s other fire stations are on Doughty Street and on Roberts Road near Lake Shore Drive.

The chief said the information in the reports should help the city prioritize repair issues with the buildings.

In other business, Ahlstrom reported that fees collected on transporting patients in the city ambulances are about $3,000 higher this year than for the same period last year. He said $51,670 was collected for calls from Jan. 1 to May 28 this year.

There were 230 calls this year and 233 for the same time period last year, Ahlstrom reported.

The fire chief attributed the slight increase in collections to some increases in insurance payments received. He said he believes that the ambulance service is on target and within its budget for 2013.

Ahlstrom said he is exploring the options to change the ambulance service from a “basic care” level to an “advanced life support” service. He said it would require additional training for department members but would be very beneficial to patients needing a higher level of care. He also said that an advanced life support crew would be able to bill at higher rates.

Committee members supported the research and said they will listen to further reports on the possibility.

Police Chief David C. Ortolano said he expected to have information on the purchase of a new patrol car in time for the Council’s second meeting in June. The chief said he will gather state bid information.

Ortolano reported that the department has received complaints about people trespassing on railroad property. He said the railroads will prosecute people who walk along the tracks or in the right of way.

The police chief also reported that there were no significant problems among those who attended Monday’s Memorial Day activities.