Howard took an oath to uphold Constitution

In response to the May 21 letter, “Sheriff cannot choose which laws to enforce,” I find it ironic that the writer fears more rights will be lost if Sheriff Timothy Howard remains in office. The sheriff is clearly championing a right – a constitutional right, I might add, not taking one away. It is quite obvious that the sheriff of Erie County is not a proponent of anarchy in the streets, nor is he advocating a mass crime spree. To insinuate anything like that is ridiculous!

As for his oath of office, it clearly states he is to uphold the Constitution of the United States. This phrase regarding the protection of constitutional rights is present in all oaths of office, including the one I took for state law enforcement and the one I took as a soldier. We, as well as his deputies, were told that in the event we are given an unlawful order, we are duty-bound to disobey it. The days of “I was just following orders” ended in Nuremberg.

What should terrify the writer is an elected official with power over the citizens of this state or nation who blindly follows orders without regard to the rights they violate or their constitutional merit. As far as Howard’s employment is concerned, I doubt he needs to change his business cards any time soon.

Darren J. Crane