Drastic measures needed to reduce drunken driving

According to a May 15 News article, the National Transportation Safety Board proposed lowering the drunken driving threshold. I have a better idea. I am extremely concerned with a group of irresponsible motorists, commonly known as drunken drivers. They have no regard for other people, and apparently are unable to comprehend a basic rule of operating a motor vehicle: Do not drink and drive!

I believe the current vehicle and traffic laws are antiquated and ineffective, and should be amended. For example, the Parking Enforcement Bureau has a wheel-locking device that can be installed on a motor vehicle to prevent that vehicle from moving. This device, also referred to as a “boot,” is installed after the owner of the vehicle has not paid his outstanding fines. I think it would be an effective deterrent for those charged with driving while intoxicated to have their vehicle “booted,” seized and impounded until the charges are resolved in a court of law. That will get their attention.

The Drug Enforcement Agency and U.S. Customs have the power to seize anything related to criminal behavior, and driving while intoxicated is criminal behavior. Suspending a driver’s license is not effective.

The tragic part of the problem is the victims who are destroyed. They may have been skateboarding or riding their bicycles when suddenly their life is over.

Therefore, I would like the laws to be amended so that all drunken drivers are severely punished. In my opinion, they get away with murder. Their unacceptable behavior must be prevented using drastic measures that are extreme and effective.

Daniel F. Quagliana