• Fin de Bangol – Old gourmet French; best picked young.

• Mayflower (1620) – Also known as Amish Knuttle; excellent as young string bean and dried.

• Speckled cranberry (from 1825) – Triple-purpose variety that can be used as snap beans at 60 days.


• Japanese climbing (1892) – Tender, crisp, slightly tart; grows up to 9 inches long.

• Parisian pickling (1892) – French; often used small for Gherkins.


• Pintung long – Taiwanese; has a dark lavender hue and is very hardy.

• Thai green – Light green skin that does not require peeling.

• Rosa bianca – Italian, round, with a mild flavor.


• Bull Nose Bell (1774) – Green to red, excellent flavor, productive and sturdy; originally grown by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello.

• Jimmy Nardello (1887) – Highly productive with an apple flavor; great for frying.

• Nepalese bell – Medium hot, ripens from green to red, sweet on the outside, hotter near the seeds.


• Galeux D'Eysines (aka peanut squash) – French Bordeaux; best in soups, stews.

• Purple tomatillo – Dark purple fruit that is small, sweet and great in salsa.


• Brandywine – Top-selling tomato has pink beefsteak fruit, delightfully intense flavor.

• German pink – Bavarian that produces large, 1- to 2-lb. fruits; excellent for slicing, canning and freezing.

• Blondkopfchen (aka Little Blond Girl) – Small, golden yellow fruit borne in giant, succulent clusters.