Donate Life Registry helps speed up process

The recent News article, “For patient and daughter, a heartfelt rite of passage,” provided information about registering as an organ donor. On each of our driver’s licenses, my wife and I have indicated that we’re registered as organ donors. But if one of us had a fatal accident, emergency responders and hospital personnel might be unaware unless someone looked at the driver’s license or contacted the spouse. Organ viability is measured in hours, so speed is critical.

To prevent that problem, we registered with the New York State Donate Life Registry. By doing that, we’re registered electronically, which means that our choices to be organ donors can be quickly determined by the appropriate authorities.

The article ended with a New York State Department of Motor Vehicles website address to register for organ donations. Unfortunately, that part of the DMV’s website is a work-in-progress, which is a nice way to say that you can’t register from the website.

Instead, fill out a short form from the New York State Department of Health, which you can download, print, fill in and mail. Go to: If you don’t have a computer, call UNYTS at 853-6667, and a postage-paid postcard will be mailed to you for you to fill in and mail.

Joe Tobolski

East Aurora