Dy’s Country Kitchen in Marilla is a breakfast/lunch place with extended hours on Friday. There are a variety of ways to get there. We headed out Clinton Street, where we spotted a few nurseries to visit, as well as the Marilla Country Store.

Dy’s tiny square building encloses a counter with stools and grill to the left, with tables and booths filling the space. It’s cute and homey, with woodcarvings for sale on the walls. We noted that there are lots of regulars, as servers readily chatted with customers.

A late Saturday breakfast was busy. The menu is huge, considering that just about everything was cooked on the grill behind us.

The pancake combinations abound, from plain, blueberry and strawberry to a combination of both for a “patriotic” version. Prices run from $4.59 ($5.99 with sausage or bacon) for a short stack to $5.99 ($7.49 with sausage or bacon) for a full. Three-egg omelets start at $5.79 for cheese, $6.25 for broccoli cheese and up to $7.99 for the Ultimate (bacon, sausage, ham, mushroom, onion, green pepper, tomato, cheese). Potato Pancakes are a house specialty (three for $5.49).

The daily specials made it a tough decision: Strawberry/Cream Cheese French Toast with Strawberries ($7.75), Banana Bread Pancakes ($7.50), Apple Cinnamon Waffles ($7.99), a Steak/Egg/Cheese Sandwich with Fruit ($6.99) or a Hash and Cheese Omelet ($6.99).

The Niece and Nephew doubled up on the pancakes – one Chocolate Chip, the other Strawberry Chocolate Chip. Giant “short” stack plates arrived, both with lovely, crispy bacon and big fluffy cakes heaped with whipped cream and extra chips. Heaven on a plate for the 13-and-under set.

Our two Polish fellas ordered the Polish Sausage Omelet. Lots of smoked sausage with American cheese, served with nice hash browns and toast.

I expected my Strawberry French Toast to be stuffed. Instead, I got a line of golden grilled triangle slices smeared with cream cheese, topped with strawberry sauce and whipped cream. The strawberry sauce wasn’t too sweet, nicely cutting the whipped cream and cream cheese. No syrup required. Two sausage patties were more than enough.

On our second trip, we scoped out Friday night. Before we ordered, a basket of rye bread hit the table, as well as a special treat – soft, yeasty sweet rolls loaded with glaze (gone in a matter of moments).

Sandwiches start at $4.99, served with chips and a pickle. Burgers start at $5.29. A fish fry (breaded or beer batter) is $8.95 (mini $7.95/senior $7.50) and comes with regular sides (macaroni salad, fries, a baked potato in foil, etc.), plus interesting ones, like a creamy broccoli salad. Our fish fry diners gave them a thumbs up.

Dinner specials ranged from $7.95-$8.50, including a vegetable, potato and soup or salad. Our New England Chowder was tepid but flavorful.

The Loaded Roast Beef ($8.50) was just that. A pile of sliced beef served with gravy over two nice, thin potato pancakes with crispy edges. My meatloaf dinner ($7.95) had two big, nicely seasoned slabs served with scalloped potatoes I couldn’t stop eating. Both dinners came with fresh, steamed broccoli in old school “monkey” dishes.

Dad summed it up best: “If this place was closer, I’d be here all the time.”

Dy’s Country Kitchen

Where: 11512 Bullis Road, Marilla (655-4539)

Three pennies

Hours: 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Thursday and Sunday; 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Friday.

Wheelchair-Access: Yes.

Extras: Cash only. ATM on site.