NIAGARA FALLS – For the second time in a week, Niagara Falls narcotics detectives made an arrest of a suspected heroin dealer.

On Wednesday morning, police seized 14 grams of heroin at 615 Ninth St. and charged Javier Osorio of that address with third- and fourth-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, criminally use of drug paraphernalia and tampering with physical evidence. Osorio had been under investigation for heroin sales in the city for the past four months, according to Narcotics Detective Capt. David LeGault.

LeGault said the increasing problem with heroin use is directly related to the abuse of prescription narcotics.

“They are both opiates. It is a similar type of high and it’s a cheaper, easier way. If they can’t get the prescription pills, this is the direction they are going in, unfortunately,” LeGault said.

LeGault said narcotics detectives and the city’s Emergency Response Team broke down a heavily fortified door with a large dog inside to serve a warrant at 4 a.m. Wednesday.

“When the Emergency Response Team hit the door, the target actually took a sock, containing a pretty good amount of heroin, and he punched a hole in a screen of an open window and threw the sock containing the heroin to the ground,” LeGault said. However the sock was thrown from an upper floor window into the hands of waiting detectives who saw him throw it and recovered the drug-filled sock. Police also seized $3,945 in cash and scales and other materials for packaging the drug.

LeGault said of the 14 grams that was recovered, “It’s a pretty substantial amount. It’s more than just personal use. It’s an amount you would see for somebody involved in sales.”