NIAGARA FALLS – The Niagara Falls Fire Department called in hazardous material crews this morning when a taped-up bottle oozing a greenish-yellow liquid was found at 93rd Street and Read Avenue.

Fire Investigation Capt. David Kudela said the 20-ounce pop bottle was found shortly after 9 a.m. in the road, taped up with duct tape.

He said the hazmat team from the Niagara Falls Air Base was called in.

“We had them swab it through one of their meters and got no explosive or flammable residues off of it, so we put it in a container and are in the process of bringing it out to the Niagara County Sheriff Forensics Lab to see what it may be,” Kudela said.

“One of the firefighters on the scene who rides a motorcycle said he will sometimes package gasoline like that if he is going on a long ride so he will have a spare. So it could be that. A lot of people cut grass in the area, so it could have fallen off a lawn tractor,” Kudela said.

Kudela said it’s unlikely the bottle contains methamphetamine, which is often processed in pop bottles.

“We were worried, but it doesn’t appear to be that,” Kudela said. “That stuff turns to a brownish sludge after a few days of deterioration.”