Pass bill to improve diabetes treatment

There are hundreds of pending pieces of federal legislation with billion-dollar price tags. Now consider a bill, recently introduced in both houses of Congress, that has a price tag of zero, can save hundreds of millions of dollars, with the potential to save countless lives while improving the health of millions.

The National Diabetes Clinical Care Commission Act, spearheaded by the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, consolidates the focus of the 30-plus federal agencies that administer diabetes programs independently with little coordination or communication.

Some sobering facts:

• 26 million Americans have diabetes.

• 79 million Americans are considered prediabetic.

• One of three Medicare dollars is spent treating diabetes-related health problems – one of three!

If even half of those with prediabetes develop the disease fully, it would bankrupt the national health system, with devastating effects on our country’s overall health. Unfortunately, that is the path we are on.

What can be done? Let’s start by getting this bill passed. To learn more, visit This bill costs nothing, saves tax dollars and, most importantly, can save lives. It is a bill we should all get behind.

Jeffrey Mechanick, M.D.

President, American Association

of Clinical Endocrinologists