BATAVIA – A generous farmer and a federal grant will enable the Genesee County Economic Development Center to build a second major access road into its Genesee Valley Agri-business Park where two yogurt makers are gearing up to full production.

Donald L. Partridge is donating a strip of his nearby farm on Ellicott Street Road (Route 63) for tankers to bring milk to the plants and delivery trucks to take the popular Greek-style yogurt to wholesalers.

The Town of Batavia has agreed to transfer a $1 million federal grant to construct the road, which must handle heavy truckloads to and from Alpina Foods and the Muller Quaker Dairy Group.

The park’s main entrance is off East Main Street Road (Route 5) near the city’s eastern border.

Meanwhile, employment by the two yogurt makers has reached 113, about 40 percent from Genesee County.

The two companies in their first venture in the U.S. promised to create 236 jobs, most at Muller Quaker, which is co-owned by PepsiCo., the giant snack and beverage company.

Quaker Oats is one of their products.

Research at the Economic Development Center shows that the operations will add more than $34 million to the area’s economy through supplies and services, and create about 450 spin-off jobs.