Lower DWI limit won’t prevent drunken driving

It has been proposed that we lower the DWI limit to a blood alcohol content of 0.05 percent. But in the next breath, let’s legalize marijuana. Does it make any sense to you? Not me. Why don’t we have every doctor who prescribes medication, like oxycodone for pain relief or powerful drugs for manic depression, give a list to every police department so that they can make sure those people are not driving? Aren’t they as likely to be under the influence when they are driving as the person who drinks?

Why don’t we just eliminate every bar and liquor store? Wouldn’t that solve the problem altogether? I hope you don’t want to go out to your favorite restaurant and have two glasses of your favorite liquor with your dinner. We are targeting the responsible drinkers because the judges keep giving two or three chances to the drunks, the people who will drive no matter what the legal limit is. Why do we always seem to make laws for the responsible people because we don’t know how to handle the irresponsible ones?

Lorraine Ceccarelli