People who own animals have duty to care for them

I usually don’t write in, but I have been reading about the Beth Lynne Hoskins case since the beginning.

As a former horse owner for many years, I have seen a lot of things, good and bad. All animals count on their owners to be treated and cared for properly. When you get an animal, whatever it may be, you make a decision to take on the responsibility of owning this animal and caring for it. When you don’t, the only salvation for these abused or neglected animals is the SPCA. This is the place where defenseless animals get care. These people deserve more than they get. Every day they see animals in horrible conditions.

Here is a millionaire who can complain about the money it is costing, yet she wouldn’t be under scrutiny if she would have cared for her animals properly. She kept delaying court dates, I read. She blames everyone but herself, and now she is asking for billions. What a joke; just another rich person playing the system. People like her should be treated like her horses. Feces up to her belly, sores untreated and a gag in her mouth so no one can hear her pain. She would hope for the SPCA then.

Hoskins worries about her reputation. Don’t worry, you can buy another one. Judgment day comes to us all.

Matt Tytka