A state senator from Buffalo is urging the U.S. Postal Service to reinstitute Carrier Alert, a program providing daily check-ins of the elderly and people with disabilities.

“Letter carriers visit every home and business in the nation six days a week, and there have been countless instances of letter carriers saving lives and serving as neighborhood guardians along their routes,” Sen. Tim Kennedy, D-Buffalo, said.

The local branch of the National Association of Letter Carriers also urged the Postal Service to restart the program in Western New York. Kennedy said the program had not been fully implemented or properly maintained in this area.

Carrier Alert requires residents or their families to register for the program, and a letter carrier will put a symbol in the individual’s mailbox to inform other carriers to be mindful of signs of alarm, such as a build-up of mail. The program, which operates in other areas of the country, is administered with the Postal Service, letter carriers union and a local social service agency. The service agency has not yet been identified.