Integrity in short supply for White House officials

I am writing in response to the May 11 op-ed titled, “Looks like a witch hunt,” by Eugene Robinson. With the recent publicity and media coverage the Benghazi fiasco is getting, I decided to read a liberal prejudiced reaction. He stated that making this a “Whitewater-style conspiracy” doesn’t make sense. Well, it certainly does if you’re looking for the truth.

Robinson asked, “What was the supposedly unforgivable crime?” and referred to Hillary Clinton’s comment, “What difference does it make?” The answer to both of these questions is “integrity,” something Clinton and the other liars in the White House don’t seem to have.

Furthermore, Robinson asked, “What would be the motive” to cover up the facts? Certainly he is not that naive or ignorant; Obama’s re-election was in the balance.

I’m sure if Robinson’s brother or son were one of the four killed, he would want the truth to be told.

Samuel C. Morreale, D.D.S.