Swiss Chalet story spurred memories

I read the May 12 News article about the closings of the local Swiss Chalets and how they are sorely missed by some, and it brought back pleasant memories. When I was an Erie County assistant district attorney back in the ’80s, a group of us religiously made the trek from Erie County Hall to the Swiss Chalet on Main Street every other Thursday for lunch. The reason we went then was that it coincided with the day we would get our county paycheck.

While I won’t name names, three of our group are presently New York State Supreme Court justices, two are assistant U.S. attorneys and one is the former attorney general of New York State. It got to the point that we did not even have to talk to each other to make plans to go; we all just magically assembled there on the given day. It was our unspoken mantra that “payday is chalet day.” I think there was something in the sauce.

Mark S. Perla