Former UB instructor is great humanitarian

I hope that many people are interested to know a more nuanced account of the Dental School Christmas Party story, by knowing something about Dr. Jude Fabiano. Allow me to offer a less than exhaustive account of what I’ve come to know during a 40-year friendship.

Fabiano had a career in private practice and clinical instruction for a dozen years before becoming an instructor at the University at Buffalo. He had pursued dentistry as a vocation by offering exceptional care to his patients and forming aspiring professionals to be dedicated to some of the least in the world. Fabiano’s specialty area as a lecturer had been in special-needs dentistry, care for persons with particular handicaps and for older patients. His dedication both inspired and instructed his students to offer excellent care to all who might cross their thresholds, as well as to seek out those who were unable to approach.

Fabiano has received numerous awards for the organizing and executing of numerous trips beyond the boundaries of Western New York. He had been a major promoter of a program known as Bocca that traveled numerous times to the Dominican Republic, Mexico and rural Virginia, offering students and other professional volunteers the opportunity to care for those for whom care is unavailable. Three years ago, Fabiano received the Dental Alumni Association Humanitarian Award for his service to the school, students and the public. The UB Dental Student Association, in a pledge of support following this incident, named an annual award for a student or dentist who has provided particular care to underserved people in Fabiano’s honor.

Fabiano has shown moral courage to withstand this ordeal. His goodness is an example to us all. It is not that I think these accusations insignificant. I simply don’t believe they are the truth of Fabiano.

Rev. Friar John J. Heffernan,

OFM, MDiv, D.D.S.

Silver Spring, Md.