BATAVIA – The Genesee County Legislature is borrowing an international distress call in its latest push against unfunded state mandates that will curtail funding for local services.

“Mayday for Mandate Relief” is a month-long spotlight on state demands that “consume property tax dollars and curtail critical local services that contribute to Genesee County’s excellent “qualify of life,” according to a Legislature resolution.

The targets include state-mandate Medicaid payments that already consume more than $4 million of Genesee’s property taxes, and “exorbitant state pension assessments.”

Mayday for Mandate Relief proclamations are being issued by many counties with a call for the state to “introduce and pass legislation preventing unfunded future mandates.”

“No more waiting; the time for relief is now” is the message in this latest of several county legislature public calls to curb state mandates caused by “inadequate program reform and a lack of pursuing Medicaid fraud, waste and abuse.”

Mary Pat Hancock, chair of the Legislature, is the immediate past president of the New York State Association of Counties, which is spearheading the campaign, which was precipitated by a tax cap but no relief from unfunded mandates.