Common sense needed when walking in street

I live in Lake View, where many of the streets do not have sidewalks, so pedestrians are forced to walk in the street.

On a recent errand I was driving down my street and observed three young men walking probably 500 yards away. These young men made absolutely no attempt to relinquish any part of the street, which is narrow with houses lining both sides of the street. To avoid the boys, I would chance clipping a mailbox or an unaware adult or child rolling or running out in the street.

The boy in the center of the street was swinging a yo-yo in a manner that suggested I give them much more leeway. I slowed down and moved over in response to their raised arms and salutes.

What if I was distracted, impaired or had a medical problem? These boys would no doubt be victims of a terrible accident. Maybe a parent or guardian will read this and pass it on to those who don’t believe accidents can be prevented with a bit of cautious behavior and common sense.

Philip A. Sekuterski

Lake View