ALBANY – As tensions worsen between Canadian and New York officials over work at the Peace Bridge, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo today said he has had no talks with officials across the border to try to resolve the problems.

The Cuomo administration recently went public with its allegations that Canadian officials on the Peace Bridge Authority have been blocking his efforts to build an expanded plaza and new ramp system with a relocated duty-free store on the American side of the bridge.

The feud has become personal, with both sides attacking each other, and has become a growing concern for business entities in both Ontario and New York.

Asked if he has had any talks with Canadian officials about the situation, Cuomo told reporters today: “There have been problems with the Peace Bridge for many, many years and the delay has been very slow and it’s one of the areas that we’ve been trying to accelerate and expedite. But, I’ve had no conversations with the Canadian government.”