Stop building tanks Army does not want

I recently read that Congress is pushing a bill to continue the building of more Abrams tanks that the military does not want. There is a bipartisan push to spend $500 million on these unwanted tanks. Two very conservative so-called deficit hawks from Ohio are sponsoring a bill, with the support of some Democrats, to continue production. Congress again is trying to prove that hypocrisy reigns supreme.

In a time of budget cuts for the military, congressional members are thinking of votes instead of country. This continues to highlight the near-impossible job of getting the budget under control until a budget crisis arrives on our doorstep. The U.S. military spends more than the next seven largest countries put together. The United States has 11 Nimitz-class carriers. There are no others in the world. The Chinese have one smaller aircraft carrier not yet operational. The Soviets have no large carriers. Yet, our congressional members seem to think that we still do not have enough guns, bullets, ships or tanks.

Harry E. Winnicki