The Village of Hamburg finally has a new ordinance on the storage of recreational vehicles and trailers, after four years of petitions, review, hearings, meetings, discussion and revisions.

Hamburg Village Board members approved the new ordinance Monday night without any further discussion.

It requires the owners of any boat, trailer, camper, motor home, mobile home and RV longer than 24 feet to get a permit from the Planning Commission before parking it at their home. The old ordinance banned vehicles longer than 24 feet.

Under the new ordinance, the vehicle can be parked in a driveway temporarily for up to five days, as long as it doesn’t create a safety hazard. If the RV is going to be parked more than six months, it has to be in a side yard.

One resident thanked the board for the new ordinance, and another said she didn’t think it is fair for neighbors to have a say on what is parked in another’s driveway.

The village had a code for a number of years, but four years ago, the village discovered it had no permit or permit process.

The problem came up when someone applied for a permit for an RV, but the village had no applications.

“When we first started, we didn’t have a permit in this office. We had to establish our own permit, which was unbelievable,” Mayor Thomas J. Moses Sr. said.

“At least [now] we have a process in place,” Village Administrator Donald Witkowski said.

Residents must now obtain an application from Village Hall and file it with the village clerk. The clerk will put the application on the agenda for the next available Planning Commission meeting. The clerk also will give a 10-day notice of the meeting to homeowners living within 100 feet of the applicant.

The Planning Commission meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month. It will consider the comments of neighbors and will evaluate whether the proposed location is hazardous or creates a safety issue. The permits must be renewed each year.