(Through Friday night’s games, last week in parenthesis)

1. Boston Red Sox. First in majors to 20 wins. Nobody predicted that. (2)

2. Atlanta Braves. One run in last two games against Nats. (1)

3. New York Yankees. Goofy sked alert: Open three-game set Tuesday in Denver. Will the snow stop? (10)

4. Texas Rangers. Nathan (8 for 8) and middle relief have been stellar. (3)

5. Colorado Rockies. Oswalt signed to minor-league deal. (4)

6. St Louis Cardinals. They just win year after year. (5)

7. Detroit Tigers. Staff has already tied MLB record with three 18-K games. (15)

8. San Francisco Giants. Three-game sweep at Arizona was big boost. (7)

9. Kansas City Royals. The snow didn’t stop during Rays’ visit. (11)

10. Pittsburgh Pirates. Pressing forward even as McCutchen’s slump continues. (8)

11. Baltimore Orioles. Davis is team’s first Player of Month since ’08. (9)

12. Oakland Athletics. Moss pied himself after 19th-inning walkoff HR. (12)

13. Arizona Diamondbacks. Pen already has 10 blown saves. (6)

14. Milwaukee Brewers. Will look at K-Rod this week in Class A setting. (13)

15. Cincinnati Reds. Endured seven DL trips in April. (14)

16. Washington Nationals. Return of Zimmerman a key for lineup. (16)

17. Minnesota Twins. After 23 straight, Mauer gets day off from 3-for-34 slump. (18)

18. Los Angeles Dodgers. Beckett (0-4) must have been cut off from clubhouse fried chicken. (19)

19. Cleveland Indians. Four wins this year over former Cy Young winners. (22)

20. Philadelphia Phillies. How much longer for Manuel? (24)

21. Tampa Bay Rays. Maddon loves Twitter but should keep Price off it. (20)

22. Chicago White Sox. Floyd may need elbow surgery. (21)

23. Seattle Mariners. Mets wondering how Bay is actually hitting. (26)

24. New York Mets. Hideous walkoff losses on back-to-back nights in Miami. (17)

25. San Diego Padres. Should give away tix for three-game set with Marlins that opens Monday. Yuk. (29)

26. Chicago Cubs. Maybe Sabres have a point on yakking owners: Ricketts needs to zip it on Wrigley move. (27)

27. Los Angeles Angels. Hamilton enters weekend at .216 with 34 Ks. (25)

28. Toronto Blue Jays. At least the Bisons look great. (23)

29. Houston Astros. Name five players. Fast. Dare you. (28)

30. Miami Marlins. With Stanton on DL, what’s left to watch? (30)