Parete’s death should have elicited a murder charge

I have no idea what our district attorney was thinking in choosing not to seek a murder charge for the killing of Officer Patricia Parete. How it becomes any individual’s choice is beyond my understanding of law and order. Let’s assume I am a relic; is it not the responsibility of the judicial system to protect society, even in this liberal age? What does the future look like for law and order if Varner Harris Jr. ever gets to see the city streets again?

As hurt as I have been about the passing of Parete, I can’t imagine any circumstance where her wishes would come into play. Harris is a self-declared enemy of our society, a murderer plain and simple. Apart from this fact, what kind of message is being sent to all the other enemies of our society who, in a land of choices, choose to kill fellow humans without due cause? What kind of precedence will this event set in law journals? Surely, as a citizen of this community, I have a right to expect a focus on law and order from our leading prosecutor.

Joseph Coia

West Seneca