Paladino’s expertise, independence are key

The April 25 News editorial, “Voters being cheated,” sheds light on the inconsistencies that surround Buffalo School Board members. Past compliances have not been met and are, more often than not, sidestepped.

Donations of no more than $25 for any candidate by public interest groups need to be monitored more closely. Also, candidates should be scrutinized for accepting any money for funding from the Buffalo Teachers Federation or the Buffalo Niagara Partnership. The reason is because this is a perfect example of conflict of interest.

As voters and taxpayers read and listen to these violations and irregularities, their cry will not go unnoticed. Park District candidate Carl Paladino, when elected, will instill a new atmosphere. As a School Board member, he will exploit the weakness and bring out into the open where the taxpayers’ money is being spent. Paladino’s expertise as a successful businessman and lawyer, combined with his independence of public interest groups, will right the wrong of past board members.

Tony Hammill

South Buffalo