People looking to convert to vegetarianism or who just want to eat healthier can take the gradual road to vegetarianism.

“You can make a gradual transition by choosing to go meatless one or two days a week,” said Michelle Eckhart, a dietitian and employee wellness manager for KentuckyOne Health.

She suggests starting with familiar recipes “such as pasta marinara and beans and rice,” to make the switch less daunting. “It doesn’t have to be anything crazy like ‘Oh, I’m going to start eating tofu five nights a week,’ right off the bat,” she says.

Eckhart, a vegetarian for almost two decades, emphasizes the economic advantages of converting to vegetarianism. “I can feed my family on a can of beans, a bunch of vegetables and some rice and save however much four chicken breasts cost,” she said.

Justin Maas, a Yumi Media representative, said a drastic switch, going completely meatless all at once, “can seem impossible” to most people. He noted the advantages of foods such as Quorn, a soy-free meat substitute, that allow you “to convert almost any meat-heavy recipe into a vegetarian dish.”