It wasn’t just the vintage wood reindeer in the breakfast room at this year’s Decorators’ Show House that caught my eye. It was the single white rose the deer was holding in its teeth – as if the animal were about to break into the tango.

This is just one of the many touches that remind me how important details are to decorators. Earlier this week, I watched the progress as they prepared their rooms for this weekend’s opening. Decorators’ Show House, presented by the Junior League of Buffalo and The Buffalo News, opens its doors to the public Saturday through May 19.

I saw books positioned just so on tables. Paintings and accessories artistically arranged on fireplace mantels. Decorative birds placed here and there. Area rugs angled. Towels rolled. Pillows perfectly plumped.

Among the other touches (some of which you will see if you visit the photo gallery at

• Multiple mirrors as artwork. In the front foyer, Will Faller of Will Faller Fine Art & Antiques hung a collection of 17th to late-19th century European mirrors. In the dining room, Kristen E. Webb, of Webb Trading Co., explained that the small mirrors grouped together on one wall are Florentine mirrors, a popular collectible among tourists during the 1940s through ‘60s.

• Glass domes. These have been a trend for some time now, but they’re a stylish way to display decorative eggs, seashells or, as designer Mark Taylor put it, “other little curiosities inside.”

• Pillow power. You can spend your entire visit studying the pillows throughout this show house. The unexpected color combinations. The creative layering. The motifs – ranging from traditional equestrian themes to whimsical butterflies and bicycles.

• Seating at the ends of beds. Not everyone has a bedroom big enough to accommodate a bench or side-by-side stools at the foot of the bed, but this bed-and-breakfast touch looks great and comes in handy, whether you park yourself there to pull on your socks or use it as a surface for holding a tray with coffee and newspaper.

Leafy plants, flowers – and moss, of course. Whether it’s an oddly shaped vase with a single stem or a large floor plant, you’ll see how decorators use these to add color, texture and life to a space. One twist: In the dining room, calla lilies are arranged entirely inside a 16-inch-tall glass vase, the stems in an inch or so of water.

• Wall planters. In addition to mirrors, these are an alternative to framed artwork. You’ll find them in several areas, including the modern-equestrian themed great room designed by room, the Hertel Avenue store.

• Towels at the ready. In the black, white and silver butler’s pantry, Mary Terese Nasca took a silver oval bucket and arranged rolled-up towels in it near the sink. Such a simple idea but so attractive. Plus they’re right in reach when the “butler” needs one.