We need to understand that every life is sacred

In a recent letter, the writer made the statement that the Constitution “gives a woman the right to take a life” (his words). This was in reference to abortion. He was using this constitutional right as a means to support another position. What was profoundly disturbing was the absence of asking the obvious question: Why would a Constitution that allows a woman to take a life care about any life at all?

Once the power of deciding who lives is placed in the subjective hands of a pregnant mother, or the state, no one is safe; not the unborn, not the elderly, not the disabled. Unless the intrinsic value of every life comes from being made in the image of God, we rely on far lesser things. When the value of life is determined by how productive it is, how much it contributes or the degree of burden it places on the family and government, the sanctity of that very life disintegrates.

There was a time in recent history where we saw the consequences of those ideas. We know where that ended; the Holocaust Museum exists in order to remind us.

Laurie Muscato