Budget cuts will harm most vulnerable citizens

As a nearly 20-year employee of a large not-for-profit agency specializing in services for the developmentally disabled, I am appalled at the governor’s callous budgetary disregard for the needs and hopes of this population. As a social worker, I am privy to the minds and hearts of individuals now fraught with anxiety from varying degrees of recognition that services, programs, oversight, opportunities and dreams may be lost as a result of what will translate as significant cuts as agencies scramble to survive on dwindling resources.

Although the governor would like the public to believe that the gap can simply be bridged by cuts to “excess” and “administration,” this is rhetoric designed to quiet a public that just might fight such inequity if it fully recognized the human toll to society’s most vulnerable members.

I am saddened for the folks whose lives are already marked by struggle, inequality, prejudice and disenfranchisement. And even more so by the awareness that one elected individual has the power to so negatively impact so many with such impunity, while still calling politics a “democracy.”

Donna Bingham, LCSW-R