‘Autopsy’ is a fitting term for slow death of the GOP

Recently, the elite of the Republican Party has been doing an “autopsy” on the 2012 election. An autopsy hopefully assumes that the patient is dead. I believe it is a fitting term for the slow death the party has experienced over the past three to four decades.

First, we all know that the Republican Party is brain-dead. At local, state and national levels, its one answer to every problem is to lower taxes, reduce government services and shift money to the hyper rich. This message is repeated by conservative talk show hosts (their salaries never seem to go down), talking heads on the boob tube and the vast majority of right-wing politicians. Where is a new idea in this party?

Second, the heart of the party is in permanent arrest. Soon after the Newtown shootings, these heartless local, state and national Republicans were kissing up to the gun manufacturers and gun lobby. There continues to be a relentless attack on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. It seems the only targets for Republicans are children, the sick and the poor.

Third, the conscience of this party is dead. An important part of conscience is memory. The three wings of the party – evangelicals, libertarians and moderates – do not remember their failure to defend the country on 9/11, the two costly wars off the books and their persistent history of racism. Denial of this is not a solution.

Finally, their spiritual essence is dead. All the faults of competing parties do not match the soulless wanderings of this zombie party. The only thing to do now is to bury the corpse for public health reasons.

Joseph M. Yonder