The Wales Town Board this week discussed a request from the Concerned Wales Citizens group to be included with organized groups that are called upon at the end of the regular meetings.

Dorothy Carlone told the board the group wants to be able to comment on agenda items at the end of the monthly meetings.

She said the group spends hours researching information every day, which they relay to the board through emails.

The group began its efforts over “fracking” issues a few years ago. That resulted in a resolution the board passed outlawing the practice in Wales. The group is now fighting noise levels at a National Fuel compressor station on Reiter Road.

Councilman Donald Butcher said he was against the group speaking because it has no formal credentials or a charter such as the Historical Society or Scouts, which are routinely put on the agenda. Councilman Michael Simon also thought it was unnecessary, pointing out, “We all work together.”

Evie Kleinberg, a member of the group, said she disagreed and wants the board to give it opportunity to comment at the end of the meeting.

Supervisor Rickey Venditti said the group had contributed significantly to the issues related to the compressor station.

He suggested the board add another open meeting slot on the agenda to allow people to bring up any subject they want to at the end of the board meetings.

Currently the board allows residents to speak only at the beginning of the meetings.

Concerned Citizens said it will hold a community meeting at the Community Center on April 16 from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. in an effort to facilitate an open forum for residents to ask questions, bring forth ideas, voice concerns, share information and ask questions.

The group will also provide information on the upcoming fireman’s service award program referendum set for April 30 and information on the renewal of gas leases in Wales.

Town Attorney Ron Bennett told the board members they could attend this meeting if they wished to listen, but could not make any decisions as this would be considered a board meeting if three or more members were present.

Also at the meeting:

• The board heard a presentation from Rachel Lindenfrost, director of communications for Meals on Wheels of WNY.

She is seeking town contributions for the nonprofit program that provides two meals a day for homebound residents older than 60 who cannot go out to get food. The board told Lindenfrost they would make a donation this year but didn’t know just yet how much. Wales residents receive their food delivery from a site in East Aurora.

• Venditti said he will be looking for a new dog control officer or a nearby town to help out with dog control duties. The original three-year agreement between the Town of Aurora will end earlier than expected – in 90 days.

• The town’s Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by the local Kiwanis Club will be held at 10:30 a.m. Saturday at the fire hall instead of the town park due to the weather.

• Bennett said he would be in court Monday regarding the Auctions International issues.