Loss of football movie is another blow for Buffalo

I was mad and felt sick to my stomach when I heard that a football movie that was to be filmed in Buffalo about the Buffalo Bills was now being moved to Cleveland because of high New York State taxes.

A first-rate actor with Kevin Costner and an awesome football story about the Buffalo Bills was lost due to $3.5 million in taxes. Think of all the pride, prestige and revenue that could have been brought to Buffalo with this movie.

Why couldn’t the state give the producer a tax break like it does in New York City, which sucks up most of the tax dollars that come to our state?

Why couldn’t Ralph Wilson sell the naming rights to the stadium or come up with the measly amount of $3.5 million for the glory of having a movie about our beloved Bills?

The loss of the football movie shows how dysfunctional our state is and why no one wants to bring his business here or live here. People are fed up with our high state taxes and inability to get anything built or done here.

So enjoy the football movie about the Cleveland Browns and the glory that will be forever portrayed on film. Buffalo loses again. I’m sick and tired of being the laughing stock of the nation, and the people of Western New York should feel that way as well.

James Ziolkowski