Taxpayers must protest reckless IDA spending

Thank goodness for the recent Another Voice column by Sam Magavern. Finally, a voice of reason regarding industrial development agencies, which have become the welfare department for development. Many recipients, such as medical facilities, do not even fall under the original eligibility standards. The IDA is meant to assist in the development of commercial ventures that promise the creation of jobs. One-time funding is OK. The IDA must also stop funding companies that hop, skip and jump around from location to location and reapply. Each time the IDA grants funds, more is taken from the pocketbook of all non-commercial property tax-paying citizens. This has to stop.

If the IDA has strayed this far, perhaps it could extend a tax abatement to me should I move into a village or town and build a house. Just look at the jobs I would create: planners, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, concrete workers, suppliers, inside and outside finishing men, inspectors, landscapers, etc. Then there would be landscapers and lawn care personnel to care for the property year-round if so desired.

Think about it. It is time for all residential taxpayers to challenge their government entities to stop this indiscriminate IDA funding. Remember, it’s coming out of your pocket.

Sara K. Hood

North Tonawanda