Judge right to reject ridiculous soda law

A writer asserted in the March 20 edition of The News that Mayor Michael “Bloomberg and his appointed politburo pushed through the most ridiculous piece of legislation since prohibition, and we all know how that worked out.” I could not agree more.

Bloomberg’s attempt at imposing restrictions on how much soft drink New York City citizens may consume is tyrannical. The freedom to consume whatever one chooses to consume without harming others as a direct result of that consumption is a fundamental human right. That is the reason that Prohibition and the War on Drugs both turned out to be massive failures. Furthermore, one could easily substitute two 16-ounce cups for a larger drink size.

Bloomberg’s proposition is a waste of government. I also applaud Justice Milton Tingling’s assertion that Bloomberg’s proposed soft drink regulation is “arbitrary and capricious.” It is reassuring to know that there do exist State Supreme Court Justices who support liberty.

Matt Kersten

East Amherst