If court case is proven true Wassel should be punished

Buried in The News’ adulatory story about Benjamin Wassel is this significant fact: According to the criminal complaint, Wassel sold a gun to a man who told him he had a domestic violence conviction. Think about that for a moment. The guy admitted that he had been convicted – not just accused, but convicted - of domestic violence. In other words, he beat up his wife, ex-wife or girlfriend. That’s who Wassel thought he was selling a gun to.

I don’t doubt that Wassel is a good father or that he served his country honorably. But think of all the hundreds, maybe thousands, of murders that are perpetrated each year by abusive husbands or boyfriends, many involving gun violence. There is a reason that New York law – and the law of many other states – prohibits selling a gun to a convicted abuser.

If the facts in the criminal complaint are proven to be true, Wassel committed a serious crime, and he should be punished.

Joseph Gerken